Community Education
Methods & Campaigns

NPC strives to increase the knowledge and awareness of substance abuse issue’s within the Newtown community. We use a variety of methods including social marketing, campaigns, and other media in town to reinforce the message of prevention. This messaging also aims to enhance self-esteem, self-motivation and empowerment in individuals to help them make informed, deliberate, and healthy choices regarding use.

It is key to remember that primary education begins at home with parents openly discussing the dangers of substances and avoiding risky situations.

Methods and campaigns over the years

NPC is a proud sponsor of FUSION, a peer-to-peer mentoring program implemented by Newtown Youth and Family Services in conjunction with Newtown High School. The program pairs pre-screened sophomores with incoming freshman. The program incorporates team building exercises, prevention of underage drinking, and built in academic support time during meetings. Additionally, matches also participate in community service activities, academics, sports, and attend social activities together.

The group meets weekly during their Monday morning advisory period. Studies show that students who are actively involved with their community are less likely to turn to substance use.


Lunch Menu Ads Movie Theater Ads Seasonal Billboards

Each year NPC sponsors ads in the Newtown Bee and the Edmond Town Hall movie theater. Seasonal billboards are created and displayed on Botsford Hill Road and Taunton Lake Road.

Outdoor Movie Nights

In collaboration with Newtown Parks and Recreation, outdoor movie nights are offered each Summer on the Fairfield Hills soccer field. These events give families a chance to bond during a substance free event. It conveys the message to our youth that fun can be had without drugs and alcohol.

Project Buzzkill

In collaboration with local liquor stores, NPC created a sticker shock campaign titled “Project Buzzkill.”  This campaign was intended to spread awareness of local liquor laws. Stickers are placed on liquor bottles and cases of beer throughout the stores acting as “warning” labels to inform the public of the consequences they can face if they provide and/or purchase alcohol for minors.

Participating liquor stores thus far include Fairground’s Wine and Spirits, Dodgingtown Liquor Store and Premier Wine & Spirits of Newtown.

Prom Promise Campaign

Prom Promise is an annual campaign conducted at Newtown High School. The coalition asks willing Juniors and Seniors to sign a pledge before they attend their high school prom. It is a promise to themselves, their parents, and the Newtown community that they will not go out and use drugs and/or alcohol on prom night. This campaign also advertises safety tips for parents and students prior to prom festivities (ex; locking up liquor cabinets and setting a curfew prior). In 2017, NPC received over 175 signed pledges from students.

Spring Speaker Series

NPC searches for suitable speakers to invite to Newtown High School in time for prom and graduation. The topics include positive decision making and living a substance free life. These events are often open to the public and welcomes PTA members, parents, students, and members of the Newtown community. These presentations bring the community together and gives the coalition a chance to educate individuals on the most recent drug trends.