About Us
Who We Are

Volunteers and representatives from private, public and nonprofit sectors.

Healthcare Professionals
Law Enforcement
Youth Servicing Organizations

Religious/Fraternal Organizations
State, Local & Tribal agencies with expertise in substance abuse
Other organizations involved in reducing substance use

What We Do

Engage the community in the development of a town-wide, long-term strategy that is designed to keep youth safe and drug free.

Increase public awareness of the scope and nature of substance abuse issues involving youth.

Promote public action and policies that increase awareness of substance issues.

Encourage the development of evidence based programs related to substance use prevention.

How we do it


Plan events in the schools and in the community to educate individuals on substance use prevention (public speakers, forums, health fairs).


Work with Newtown Police Department to encourage Safe Medication Disposal and assist in funding Party Patrols.


Conduct valuable research for the coalition, schools, and community. Every 2 years a youth and parent survey is conducted and evaluated. Topics include; risk factors, retail availability of alcohol, social access, etc.


Utilize a variety of social media tactics and advertising to spread appropriate messaging (billboards, movie ads etc.).

Timeline of success