24 Mar 2011

What’s in YOUR medicine cabinet that can harm your teen, their friends and your community?

By, Stefanie Lagana, Certified Empowerment Life Coach, Specializing in teen and parent empowerment coaching.

“Pharm” parties are becoming increasingly more popular among our teenage children. In today’s teen world Pharmaceutical drugs are as easy to access as a bowl of cheerios. Teens are raiding their parents, their friends and grandparents medicine cabinets for prescription drugs. These parties are called “farming” and they are dangerous to our teens! A “Pharm” party is usually at a home where parents are out. Kids raid prescription drugs from their cabinets, empty their pockets into a large bowl, mix it up, grab a handful, and swallow them usually with some alcohol and VOILA…. a free high. The frightening part is that the combination of these drugs can be and usually is, deadly! This is a serious issue in our communities and we need to stop the madness, and it starts at home.

What’s the cost of NOT to communicating with your child? What’s the risk? I know we as parents want to believe that “our children” wouldn’t do such a thing they’re smarter than that, etc. However the reality is; in order to keep that statement true we need to open our eyes, educate, protect and be aware of where your teen is, who they are with and what they are doing.

A few things you can do: Explain to your teen the dangers and risks of mixing unknown drugs, (especially with alcohol). Know where you teens are going; if there will be a parent at home and speak to that parent! Share this information with everyone you know. Alert them to secure their prescriptions in a safe place. Keep track of your refills, and if your child has been prescribed a drug, you administer it and control it.

Written by Stefanie Palermo Lagana, Certified Empowerment Life Coach, Specializing in Teen and Parent Empowerment Coaching, article to run in Today’s Teen Magazine copyright June 2009. Stefanie Lagana is offering a Parent workshop; What is your teen worrying about?! on June 30th see link for more information.


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