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 It is my pleasure to invite you to a very important event here in Newtown. On Wednesday, April 27, 2011, 2:00 pm at Police Headquarters, please join Chief Michael Kehoe and celebrate a permanent Drug Lock Box for your town! As you know, prescription drug abuse and drugged driving are on the rise in this.. read more →

Marijuana Abuse Article – issued by NIDA (The National Institute on Drug Abuse) Research Report Series Marijuana Abuse From the Director What is Marijuana? Marijuana—often called pot, grass, reefer, weed, herb, Mary Jane, or MJ—is a greenish-gray mixture of the dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of Cannabis sativa—the hemp plant. Read More… By the time they graduate from high school, about 42 percent of teens.. read more →

Drug-Free Alliance Newsletter Snippets

April: Alcohol Awareness Month April is Alcohol Awareness Month, an opportunity to focus on the drug most affecting our youth, adults, families, businesses, and communities. Use Drug Free 24/7 to drive your Alcohol Awareness Month messaging, asking everyone within your community to reconsider the role of alcohol within the community and within their own lives… read more →

What Signs Did I Miss?

courtesy of My name is Misty Fetko and I am a registered nurse who works in a very busy Emergency Room in Central Ohio, but, more importantly, I am a mother of two wonderful boys and I want to tell the story of my oldest son, Carl. Carl was my beautiful little boy; eyes.. read more →

Not in my house

What’s in YOUR medicine cabinet that can harm your teen, their friends and your community? By, Stefanie Lagana, Certified Empowerment Life Coach, Specializing in teen and parent empowerment coaching. “Pharm” parties are becoming increasingly more popular among our teenage children. In today’s teen world Pharmaceutical drugs are as easy to access as a bowl of.. read more →